Chicago Recycling Tips

Navigating Chicago’s recycling rules can be tricky and time consuming. You want to be mindful of what you’re throwing away, but maybe you’ve never taken the time to learn what’s acceptable to recycle. It’s possible you’ve been causing more work for haulers and ultimately putting more into the landfill than you think. Below are the … More Chicago Recycling Tips

Whole Earth Packaging

The following is a guest post from Ruth at Whole Earth Packaging ( At Whole Earth Packaging, we cannot stress enough how important it is to live a green lifestyle. We’re surrounded by pollution everyday, and if we don’t stop polluting our environment, we’re going to destroy it completely. If everyone takes on environmentally friendly … More Whole Earth Packaging

Green Grocer

Today marks five weeks since I moved to Chicago. (yay!) I’ve been exploring shops, clothing stores, bars, restaurants, and grocery stores to figure out where I might fit in to become a regular. Being a student, I’m looking for places where I can spend money sparingly, since I have none. I’ve found this is much … More Green Grocer