Whole Earth Packaging

The following is a guest post from Ruth at Whole Earth Packaging (wholeearthpackaging.com) At Whole Earth Packaging, we cannot stress enough how important it is to live a green lifestyle. We’re surrounded by pollution everyday, and if we don’t stop polluting our environment, we’re going to destroy it completely. If everyone takes on environmentally friendly … More Whole Earth Packaging

Green Grocer

Today marks five weeks since I moved to Chicago. (yay!) I’ve been exploring shops, clothing stores, bars, restaurants, and grocery stores to figure out where I might fit in to become a regular. Being a student, I’m looking for places where I can spend money sparingly, since I have none. I’ve found this is much … More Green Grocer

Free Water

My idea for week one is a very simple and easy way to save some plastic waste. In my personal, sometimes snobby opinion, plastic=death. It’s awful. One of mankind’s most destructive discoveries. Although, most manufacturers would argue that it propelled industry forward; it’s used in almost every sort of product and brings in an uncanny amount … More Free Water