Reduce Phantom Energy: Unplug

Something I never think to do is unplug my appliances when they’re not in use.”Why does it matter if they aren’t turned on?” you may ask. Referred to as “phantom energy,”  or “standby power,” you’re still using an idle current of energy even when your TV is turned off, or your phone is not on the charger.

After using your microwave, charging your computer battery, watching TV, drying your hair, etc., unplug these things right away. It may seem like a hassle, but you could save around $10 a month on your electricity bill just from unplugging a couple of appliances.

For living rooms or places with a lot of electronics, using a surge protector can a) save energy while in use and protect your possessions from blowouts, and b) make it easier to switch everything off at once. “What great reasons to go buy quality power strips!” you are probably saying to yourself. Try using a power strip that saves the standby energy for you. These eco-friendly power strips are a bit more pricey, but in a year you could save $100+ on electricity bills.

Simply start unplugging. It burns absolutely no calories to pull a plug out of the wall, so stop being lazy. (Here are some other non-lazy things you can do with your time if you’re feeling extra motivated after reading my blog.)

It’s estimated that ten percent of a home’s energy is from phantom energy. Why waste it? This is just one of the ways you can begin to reduce your energy consumption and start making a difference- and what an easy way to start!

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