Defend Going Green

I recently wrote a school paper about how individuals can make a difference in their efforts to go green, despite skeptics who think it’s pointless to try (no doubt supporting the project I have just begun with my little blog, here). But there’s something to this, and I got the idea from a guy (we’ll call him Todd) in my writing class.

In a short play of Todd’s that I read, one of his characters pointed out how dumb people are because they have bumper stickers that read “Go Green,” the problem being that driving a car is one of the worst things you can do for the environment, thus the wrong place for an environmental advertisement.

This is true, and an important observation to make. However, is this to stop someone from changing their lifestyle in other ways? Are we to say to ourselves, “Welp, I was going to go green but I have a car, so screw it”?

Definitely not. Come on, people.

I’ve already shown you how many plastic bags I can save a year just by switching to reusable grocery bags, and how satisfying it is to save plastic water bottle waste every day. Now, if EVERYONE started doing these things, along with recycling, and buying organic food, and encouraging government officials to act, the environment would already be improving.

So, I’m afraid Todd’s point was somewhat lacking. I imagine the person he saw with the “Go Green” bumper sticker was trying to make changes in other ways, which I’m sure is more than can be said for Todd. Carmakers are already making electric cars, which will be the future trend, and there are tons of things drivers can do now to save resources.

When cultural ideas/attitudes change, companies change their products. Fortunately, the current culture has turned to going green and being healthy, so most companies are changing toward these trends, including monsters like oil companies and carmakers, which is good news for the environment.

Don’t be discouraged if everything in your life cannot be changed right away. It’s difficult, overwhelming, and takes a long time. So keep at it. Doing something as easy as recycling is where everyone can start. Keep up faith and support in the government, because they are the ones that really have power to enforce relevant environmental laws. But most importantly, when you feel like your efforts are too small to matter, do not lose sight of why going green as an individual can contribute to extraordinary change.

Nobody puts green in the corner.

2 thoughts on “Defend Going Green

  1. Love this! For one thing you can have a car and not use it much. Plastic is one of the biggest environmental issues, it uses oil, gives off C02, never goes away, etc..

    We are a one car family and I don’t drive but we do have a car, it’s not even a hybrid but it does get pretty good gas milage and it’s not common for a family to only have one car.

    Also going green is about steps, you can’t do it all overnight.

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