Green Grocer

Today marks five weeks since I moved to Chicago. (yay!) I’ve been exploring shops, clothing stores, bars, restaurants, and grocery stores to figure out where I might fit in to become a regular. Being a student, I’m looking for places where I can spend money sparingly, since I have none. I’ve found this is much more difficult in a big city, where money seems to just slip right through my fingers without my knowing, on things like taxi cabs, club covers, expensive drinks, $10 french fries… and everything else I apparently can’t live without.

Buying organic food is an expense I wasn’t sure I could afford. These products are usually more expensive, because people that really want to go this route care more about what they’re eating than how much they’re paying. Trader Joe’s has quickly become my go-to grocery store, as I can buy all organic food and their products are actually very cheap. I spend the same amount of money here that I would at any other grocery store. And I must say, they have a great selection of cheese and wine, two of my favorite things.

This inspired my easy green tip for week 2. Since I go grocery shopping probably twice a month, I figured out that I was using about 12 plastic bags a month (6 per trip), at the grocery store alone. That would mean I’m using almost 150 plastic bags per year (!) and honestly, they don’t always get recycled.

Although plastic bags are awesome to keep around for small trash cans and things, it’s just a waste. (Check out these biodegradable trash bags). I purchased three Trader Joe’s cloth shopping bags to reuse every time I visit the grocery store. If I can save 150 plastic bags a year, think of how many we can save together! Try it out yourself, they’re only around a dollar to three dollars each, a small price for what you could be doing for the environment. (And they’re pretty, too :D)

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