On A Mission

I’m starting a project today. I’m on a mission to discover how big an individual’s carbon footprint really can be.

Every week, for one year, I’m going to make a small adjustment to my daily life, or perhaps just find something new and interesting on the topic, to eventually become “green.”

How many people do you know who want to get involved in this new, health-kick, earth-loving frenzy our current culture is going through? It seems like such a daunting task to know where to begin in the process, and most of us are too lazy to make changes. I’m definitely one of these lazy people. (I’m writing this in sweats on my couch, football playing on our 3-D Vizio TV.)

But, I’m determined.

After my fifty-two weeks of new discoveries and ideas, I’m going to look back on the changes I’ve made, and the new things I’ve learned. Hopefully my time and efforts will prove successful, and I’ll have some hefty stats to show an individual can slightly alter the earth’s lurking doom.

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